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Self care is something that I learned how to do early in my career as an nurse (RN).  If you aren't familiar with the world of nursing let me break it down simply for you; 12+ hours on our feet, our brains and bodies moving quickly from task to task, very little time to eat anything but a Krispy Kreme (in one bite of course), staying awake on coffee and dealing with a lot of big emotions from our co-workers, patients and their families.  In my time off I had to make sure that I was doing self care in a way that was going to truly take care of my body, mind and spirit.  

Now that I'm a Certified Lifecoach on top of my RN experience, I can guarantee care of the mind and spirit through my one-on-one and group sessions.  However, to take care of my body I defer to a company I have been a part of for over 5 years and continue to be impressed with. Rodan + Fields specializes in skincare and has products for all ages.  Why do I love them so much? Trusted board of dermatologists who create (versus approve) the products and a business model that empowers women to gain financial freedom for themselves and leave a legacy for their families.


 Below are some of my favorite products along with a general portal for returning customers who build their own baskets.

Let me help you choose!

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