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What is coaching for caregivers?

If you find yourself giving up a part of your life to help others live theirs it can be overwhelming.  That is where The Caregiver Coach steps in to help.

How can I help?

In the world of caregiving we often hear people wear thier suffering like a badge of honor. 

"I never sleep."

"I give everything to this person."

"I don't know when I showered last."

"I feel like a fish out of water with all this medical jargon."

But the suffering can be too much.  We aren't sleeping because we are scared, nervous, unsure and maybe a little sad.  We have no choice whether or not to give everything because we don't have any other strategies for being a loving caregiver.  And showering? That would seem like we cared too much about ourselves right?

This is where I come in.  I help you navigate the journey of caregiving without suffering.  And I really mean it!  

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What does coaching look like?

The Caregiver Coach will become your ally and confidant during a time when you may feel like no one else is there to help or no one else understands what you are going through.  Here are the steps to working with her:

Step 1 - Book a one-on-one virutal consultation to see if coaching would work for you.

Step 2 - If it looks like a good fit, you will schedule weekly sessions with Regina, The Caregiver Coach.  These sessions are completely virtual so you can take them from any place you choose.

Step 3 - You get your life back.  Regina will help you set up strategies for taking care of yourself without neglecting your loved one.  Don't think this is possible? Schedule a consultation below and see what is in store!

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