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What is the Caregiver's WONDERBOOKtm?

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Created by Regina Jenkins,
Registered Nurse and Certified Caregiver Coach

"The first thing I do when I walk into someone's house for consultation is ask them where they keep all the pertinent information.  Inevitably, this creates a stressful moment resulting in sifting through piles of papers, bins of prescriptions, purses, diaper bags, the kitchen junk name it!  After spending hours and hours of my client's time (and money!) helping them get all of their loved one's information in one place I decided to make the process super simple.  I created a printable, fill-in-the-blank WONDERful BOOK that guides the user, step-by-step, in creating a central location for all necessary information.  And now, I'm ready to bring this to the masses!! Whether you are trying to get yourself organized, help out friends/family, or simply looking to make tranfer of care a little easier this book is for you!!" 

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